Masteron Forte


Manufacturer: BodyPharm, Japan
Substance: Drostanolone Blend
Package: 10 mL vial (200 mg/mL)


what is Masteron Forte?


Each ml contains 50 mg of drostanolone propionate and 150 mg of Drostanolone enanthate


Drostanolone Propionate is indicated for treatment of breast cancer in elderly post-menopausal as part of unspecific immunotherapy.

Contra- indications:

Drostanolone Propionate Inj. is not intended for use in children. The anabolic steroid drostanolone is contra indicated in male bodybuilders with carcinoma of the breast or with known or suspected carcinoma of the prostate and in female bodybuilders who are or may be pregnant. Drostanolone Propionate Inj. is also contraindicated in bodybuilders with a history of hypersensitivity to something in its composition.


The dose is 100 mg – 200 mg Masteron once every 2-3 days. So weekly dose is around 300 mg – 500 mg. The most effective dose in relation to the results of 400 mg / week.

Medical action:

Masteron is a synthetic androgen, or male hormone, similar to testosterone. Masteron works by attaching itself to androgen receptors; this causes it to interact with the parts of the cell involved in the making of proteins. It may cause an increase in the synthesis of some proteins or a decrease in the synthesis of others. These proteins have a variety of effects, including blocking the growth of some types of breast cancer cells, stimulating cells that cause male sexual characteristics, and stimulating the production of red blood cells.


Caution in cardiovascular disease, in diabetes, in epilepsy, in migraine, in heart failure.

Side effects:

Side effects of this steroid are mild. No high blood pressure should not give us trouble, because due to low estrogen levels does not appear. Masteron is not hepatotoxic, even when used for long periods of time. The only adverse effects that may occur are: Oily skin, acne, increased facial and body hair quickly, aggression, prostate enlargement and hair loss, if there is a genetic predisposition. So those who know they have a family history of baldness would do well to stay away from Masteron.

Over dosage:

Overdose situations or not met.


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